Talk back to the System – the state of our Education system

By: Bushuyu Frank Mutaremwa

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein one of the greatest scientists of all time was never fond of the education system of his time. Actually, one of the instructors in that system judged him to be ‘too stupid to learn anything.’ What? Einstein, stupid, STUPID?

Well the education system of his time was no different from the one we have today. This system has judged some of you to be ‘F’ (failed) students and other ‘O’ (ordinary) students. And most of us have unquestionably agreed to these judgments like it was some voice from heaven that told us so. And we wait, every release of examination results with hands on our hearts hoping that the system will, this time, say nice things to us.

Well, you do not have to believe the system. Just because the system did not judge your strengths but rather your weaknesses does not mean, you are weak. Just because the system judged you by your ability to cram and regurgitate the essay of ‘Who were the Ngoni’ and you pitifully failed at it, does not make you stupid or ordinary!

You are brilliant, smart, extra-ordinary and definitely a genius. Issue is, what are you good at? Where is your strength? Analyze your attributes, look into the things that you do so effortlessly – your gifts and talents! Is it music or organizing people, or inspiring people? Or is it writing story or is it telling the stories? Is it listening to people’s problems or is it dancing or sports? Every one of us is a genius in some field! The problem with the system is that it is unable to figure this out and for that I give the system an ‘F’. So it is time to speak back to the system. For long you have allowed the system to speak at you. Speak back, tell the system “you are wrong” am no failure, am not ordinary student, I am a genius! God created me beautifuly and wonderfully! That is who I am! Just because you don’t have the tools to figure that out does not mean it is not true!

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Bushuyu Frank Mutaremwa is the author of “The Young and The Rich”. He has authored a number of titles and is a renown life coach.

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