A letter to My President

Dear Mr. President,

I hope this letter finds you in good shape Mr. President. I wish to also thank you for investing your time and efforts in steering our beloved Pearl of Africa to greater heights.

The purpose of this letter is to register my dissatisfaction with the way our government is treating its own citizens. I have on several occasions heard people say that the government is more of reactionary than proactive and objective. From the events surrounding the start of taxes on social media and mobile money services, I am beginning to believe it’s true. Whatever is causing our government to come up with all kinds of taxes is not of our own making. It is the people that are eating big that are in support of these taxes.

President Museveni addresses Parliament in June 2018 (Photo Credit: Kampala Post

Mr. President, paying for this tax is not my problem. My problem is what the taxes are used for. After all I can afford to contribute 100,000/= for a friend’s wedding without hesitation. Mr. President, I hope you get it when I inform you that I can do this for 5 friends in a year. I hope these taxes are not being a form of punishment.

Mr. President, I can contribute towards the medical bills of an ailing friend, but not 200/= daily. I can donate towards the construction of a church, but not 1% of a mobile money transaction. Why?

I have failed to see the benefits of the taxes this government is imposing on us. Maybe I have a myopic mind, but even my neighbor has failed to see the benefits. There is no medicine in the hospitals. I am not sure whether the beds are available.

A journalist I once respected has been quoted to have said that he is tired of Ugandan’s who don’t want to pay taxes. I have heard an honourable MP suggest that those who don’t want to pay the tax should go and die. But worst of all, Mr. President is when I see well educated economists failing to explain to you what double taxation is.

Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” So are our experts, those that will spend a litre of fuel to pick airtime of 5,000/= from a shop in the neighbourhood. These can’t feel the burden these taxes are exerting upon us.

Your men are given free fuel, free medical insurance, free communication allowances, sitting allowances and a hoard of other benefits. They will never feel the pinch we are going through. These are the men whose children are studying abroad. These are the men whose children are given pocket money higher than the salary of a teacher. These men of yours don’t even know how a UPE school smells like. These men Mr. President, have dogs whose beds are better than the ones in our hospitals.

Your real men Mr. President, are suffering at the expense of your trusted men. Next time you are asking for advice, please give the voice of dissent a chance. The truth, Mr. President, is that you are milking a malnourished cow. The best advice you can get Mr. President is an open dialogue with those that matter – may be a weekly talk show on radio or an hour of question and answer on social media.

My regards Mr. President

Stephen Dumba

Just another regular guy

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